Have you had your breakfast this morning Bournemouth?

31 January 2012


Breakfast is, as you perhaps already know, the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast really sets you up for the day and gives you the energy you need to keep you going  – you will definitely notice the difference if you enjoy a good breakfast!

Here are some interesting breakfast facts:

Breakfast consumption

  • Breakfast is big business - the UK cereal market alone is worth £1.55billion
  • 46% of adults eat the same breakfast every day
  • 5.2 minutes is the average time taken to prepare breakfast in the week with 8.3 minutes the average time taken to eat it! Yet 21% of adults say they don’t have enough time for breakfast

Breakfast skippers


  • As many as one in four adults skip breakfast at some stage during the week
  • Alarmingly as many as one in six adults never eat breakfast
  • 11% of women aged 25-39 say they’d like to eat breakfast but don’t have time
  • 19% of people who work full-time say they don’t really have time to eat a proper breakfast on a weekday
  • 40% of us miss breakfast at least once in a working week due to oversleeping

Breakfast locations


  • 66% of adults eat breakfast at home every day but 9% never eat breakfast at home
  • 47% of adults eat breakfast at home to save money
  • Deskfast? 26% of adults eat breakfast at their desk
  • 15% of adults eat breakfast at a restaurant / diner
  • Breakfast on the go? 20% of adults eat breakfast in the car, 12% of adults eat breakfast while walking to work and 10% eat breakfast on a train

Breakfast choices


  • At home: 71% of consumers choose cereal as their favourite breakfast choice, 58% of adults choose toast and 23% choose fruit
  • Or out of home?: 42% of adults choose a cooked breakfast, 28% choose a hot roll, 18% choose cereal and 16% choose pastries
  • How about a drink?: 47% of adults choose tea as the drink they’re most likely to have at breakfast time while 25% of people choose fruit juice

It is the most important meal of the day


  • 25% of your daily intake of food should come from breakfast according to nutritionists
  • 49% of adults say they struggle to get through the day if they miss breakfast
  • 36% of adults agree that skipping breakfast leads to overeating later in the day
  • Bread is one of the nation’s main sources of dietary fibre: 7g of fibre comes from 4 slices of wholemeal bread – that’s 39% of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

Breakfast products


  • 124,000 hectares of oats are grown in the UK – more than the area of Berkshire
  • 1.9 m hectares of wheat are grown in the UK7 – that’s almost the size of Wales
  • 43 loaves of bread per person are sold each year in the UK. 80% of bread is made using the Chorleywood Bread Process
  • 99% of households in the UK buy bread and 12 million loaves of bread are sold every day
  • Sausage machines can fill sausages at a rate of 1½ miles an hour
  • 31 million eggs per day are eaten in the UK
  • More than a third of all eggs are consumed at breakfast

Try a great breakfast at these places:

Norwegian Wood, Glen Fern Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2NA


The Norwegian Wood was first opened in the early 60's and named after the well-known Beatles record of the same name. In those days it was a trendy night time coffee house serving light snacks and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Over the years it slowly metamorphasised into what it is now, a buzzing daytime cafe.


It does the best all day breakfast in town as well as a huge selection of hot and cold snacks and meals. The Beatles theme is still very strong with the walls being covered in pictures and memorabilia of the band.


It is not uncommon to find a celebrity sitting at one of the tables, recent visitors include Mini Driver, Jamie Redknapp, Noddy

Holder, the late Jimmy Saville and Reel Big Fish to name a few. The food is exceptionally good value and is served by very friendly and accommodating staff.




LB’s Bistro, Oakley Hill, Merley, Wimborne, BH21 1RJ (


Conveniently located close to the A31, and positioned between Wimborne and Poole on Oakley Hill, LB’s is a brand new Bistro, stylishly refurbished to create a unique and friendly place, offering an exceptional menu, created and prepared by our own enthusiastic and accomplished  chef.


They have some great breakfast choices - it will set you up for the day! Whether you fancy croissants, danish pastries or go the whole hog and opt for their full English Breakfasts, you will not be dissappointed.


Tuesday until Saturday we are open throughout the day for coffee and cake, or a glass of wine in our comfortable bar area.  If you are looking for something more substantial why not start the day with a good breakfast, available between 9am and 11am.


Lunch is a light affair; a menu consisting of sandwiches, soups, salads and omelettes, to name just a few!  On Sunday we finish the week with a proper roast - goose fat roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.


Why not try something a little different.  Our tapas menu is our offering between 3pm and 5pm; an appetizing range of Mediterranean inspired dishes; perfect for sharing.


At 7pm our intimate atmosphere comes into its own and our chefs really get to exhibit their skills in preparing our fantastic bistro menu.


So why not find a reason to come and visit us?  There are so many possibilities!  Breakfast before a big day; coffee (and cake of course!) with friends; lunch before heading back to work; tapas and a glass of wine after a long day; an evening with friends, or Sunday lunch with the family!  We hope to see you soon!


The Roadside Café, Dorchester Road, Wimborne, BH21 3HA


Try our Early Morning Riser, freshly cooked breakfast including tea or coffee (free refills). Or if you’re feeling REALLY hungry try The Roadside Fully Loaded Breakfast for a serious breakfast feast. Also open for lunch and evening meals.


We also have:


  • Friendly and welcoming staff
  • Fresh home cooked food
  • Free Wi-Fi available
  • Take away menu
  • Party bookings
  • Free parking


Hank Marvin Breakfast Delivery in Bournemouth (


Hank Marvin Breakfasts is a unique breakfast service. Not only do we sell a range of delicious breakfasts but we deliver it, all included in the price!  We also have the option of paying online so you don’t have to venture out at all.


Conceived from our own experience of waking up hungry, with bare cupboards and no cash on us, we have answered many people’s prayers and have a great name in Bournemouth for our service. To make sure the breakfasts are still piping hot when they are delivered we use heat retaining packaging, insulated carrier bags and our drivers only take one order at a time. All the food is cooked to order, and where possible sourced locally, whilst using brands such as McCain's, Heinz, Nescafe, Kellogg's and Tetley.


The great range of breakfasts includes big fry-ups, mouth-watering baguettes, American style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, cereal, milkshakes, fruit juices, energy drinks, and of course tea and coffee, of which they are free with all cooked breakfasts. We have something for everyone.


We’re open on weekends between 8am – 2pm, and our delivery radius is 3 miles from Bournemouth Town Centre – check out our website for the delivery radius


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